ABOUT CEAD (rhymes with seed)

Cultivate Event Artistry & Design is all about the creative mind, entrepreneur & small business owner determined to be an innovator. Passionate about the growth of their business, they need services that will help them host successful events, which will increase foot traffic, build revenue and help with engagement between their staff ,target audience and future investors. Overall, they need to CREATE, CONNECT & SUSTAIN! 

Cultivate event, photography and consulting services are unique for each client. We want to be an extension of each clients mind and help them manifest their vision into reality. While they work to maintain their day to day operations, we take the hassle out of planning the minor details. While they entertain their guests, we ensure the food, activities and objectives are being met. 

As we grow we want to help others grow! In addition to event consulting, management and production we offer other related services that take events to the next level.  











Honorably discharged from the United States Army in March of 2014, Chiriga a.k.a Zoe attended culinary school in Baltimore, MD. Realizing that while she loved to cook; leading and organizing creative minds from the front of the house was a better match for her personality. 

In August 2014, she moved back to her hometown Sunnyvale, CA and began attending CSU East Bay to pursue a Masters in Hospitality Management. Prior to completing the program she settled in Oakland, CA and was offered a job paying a less than desirable rate. Undefeated, Zoe completed her degree and decided to start her own business endeavor. Being a #doerpreneur  allows her to explore her love for live music, good food, interacting with interesting people and solving problems. While CEAD allows Zoe to be creative, LB Alliance is the passion behind it all

M.S. Hospitality, Recreation & Tourism


Staff Sergeant/E6 in the Army, 12 years of service. Conducted global missions overseas, responsible for personnel, equipment and meeting high demand objectives.

Organized several award ceremonies, unit fundraisers, cultural programs, training exercises and senior official meetings. 

Volunteer hours in the event industry with Meeting Professionals International (MPI), California State University East Bay (CSUEB), VM Ware, Precision Event Management, Entire Productions, Sausalito wine festival, Worksafe, Sip n' Swirl Events, Wine & Spirits, Uppity Edutainment, Uncorked, AFROTECH, etc. 

"Apply yourself both now and in the next life. Without effort, you cannot be prosperous. Though the land be good, You cannot have an abundant crop without cultivation."


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Event Planner/Photographer

ABOUT ZOE (pronounced ZOH)